Why enrol?

Rebuilding Resilience to support mood, stress and overall wellbeing

Our Rebuilding Resilience Masterclass is designed to help you recognise what is happening for you and why. Eliminating stress completely is impossible but finding a way to live peacefully with it is essential. We will teach you all about resilience and give you the tools, tricks and hacks to slay the tiger – or at least enjoy it’s company.

Who would benefit from this masterclass?

This masterclass is for anyone wanting to improve their mood, resilience and mental wellbeing

  • Men and Women of all ages

  • Anyone struggling with Stress

  • If you are not feeling like you used to

  • Anyone wishing to build resilience, energy and mood


  • What does enrollment include?

    You get full access to our private and secure programme portal. If you have chosen to get the masterclass free with the Kit, we will send you the Essentials Kit you have purchased and email you enrollment info for the programme.

  • What is the Essentials Kit?

    This masterclass comes with Our Stress Essentials Kit, Mood Essentials Kit and Wellbeing Essentials Kit. Our Essentials Kits are made by us. We are both fully registered naturopaths, nutritionists and medical herbalists. A mouthful I know… but this means we are the real deal. We produce powerful, evidence-based, therapeutic products that do exactly what they say on the tin!! Simply proceed through the checkout with the kit of your choice and we will take care of the rest!

  • Do I have access to the material for long?

    Yes! You will have access to all the course content for 12 weeks allowing plenty of time to complete the programme.

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