Why enrol?

Rejuvenating and Restorative Sleep begins here.

Are you desperate for a peaceful, complete night’s sleep? Are you waking exhausted every morning, hitting that snooze button and grasping at those last precious, semi-conscious moments? Are you sick of trying potions and formulas that promise the earth but deliver nothing? We understand completely and have a way out!! Our Sleep Soundly Masterclass will get you back on track to the restoring, peaceful sleep you deserve. We will teach you how to get your space and mindset right to embrace sleep again

Who would benefit from this programme?

This Masterclass is designed for anyone wanting to regain some control of their sleep

  • Men and Women of all ages

  • Anyone having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

  • If you are not waking feeling refreshed

  • Anyone wishes to gain back control of their Zzzz’s


  • What does enrollment include?

    You get full access to our private and secure programme portal. Once we have received your enrolment we will send you our powerful Sleep Essential Kit to help guide you on your journey.

  • What is the Sleep Essentials Kit?

    Our Sleep Essentials Kit contains our expertly crafted and selected products to provide you with some of the tools needed to achieve a sound and restorative sleep and support the body’s natural circadian rhythms. You can check out the kit here: https://www.enhancedwellbeing.co.nz/product/sleep-essentials-kit/

  • Do I have access to the material for longer than 2 weeks?

    Yes! You will have access to all the course content for as long as you need to complete the programme.

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